11 Ideas To Get Fit And Get Paid

Top tips to get hold of some healthy rewards

How to earn money and get fitter and healthier at the same time.


No 1: Sweat Coin is a new smart phone heath app that gives you access to rewards the more you move around.


No 2: Become a Deliveroo cyclist – delivering food from restaurants to customers’ doors – earn up to £16 per hour plus tips.


No 3: Take up dog walking – see our top tips to becoming a dog walker here.


No 4: Try a spot of active babysitting – running after toddlers all day can be an exhausting and rewarding experience. Here are some ideas to get started.


No 5:  Make a Gym Pact. Earn cash for healthy living, paid by members who don’t. Use the app to keep track of your fitness goals — with rewards if you meet them, and penalties if you don’t.


No 6: Do odd jobs and tasks for people with Task Rabbit – moving furniture, packing boxes, running errands – can provide a good work out.


No 7: Set up an outdoor local fitness bootcamp and classes. Or get some qualifications as a personal fitness trainer or a yoga teacher. Watch out for our top tips on healthy ways to boost your finances coming soon.


No 8: Exercise and hunt for high street vouchers and rewards with Bounts and a range of other apps and services including My Money Time, Running Heroes and its sister sites Cycling Heroes and Skiing Heroes.


No 9: Become a tour guide – share your town with visitors and meet new people.


No 10: Clean somebody else’s house – with sites like Hassle taking the hassle out of finding some work.


No 11: Teach something active that you actively love. Swimming, dancing, yoga, martial arts, hiking, skiing, football…

…spoiler alert watch out for our future guides on how to give yourself a sporting chance to make some decent money.


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