5 Ways to Make Money From A Falling Pound

How to take advantage of the tumbling value of sterling...

The value of the pound has tumbled to historic lows since the UK’s Brexit vote. Here are 5 money making ways you can take advantage:


Champion Idea No 1: Let’s get going


When the value of the pound falls, travelling to the UK gets cheaper for tourists and visitors. Think about letting your room or house out, or even setting up a bed and breakfast for foreign tourists. You can make up to£7,500 tax free.


Champion Idea No 2: Share the wealth


Consider investing in the stock market. A fall in sterling has had a sterling impact on the FTSE 100 basket of leading stock market shares. This is because a lot of these companies generate sales outside of the UK such as the large pharmaceutical, mining, oil and consumer giants. These revenues and profits have suddenly become a lot higher in pound terms – boosting share prices.


Champion Reminder – investing in the stock market can be risky and your capital is not guaranteed.


Champion Idea No 3:  Going global


Think about selling goods and services abroad. British exports could start to look very cheap when translated into foreign currencies. The Department of International Trade has some starting points.


Champion Idea No 4: Tour de Force 


Think about becoming a tour guide or working for agencies that deal with US and foreign visitors.


Champion Idea No 5: An important lesson


A lower pound may attract foreign students to English language schools and universities as courses and accommodation become comparatively cheaper in the UK. Think about hosting a foreign student in your home, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) or becoming a tutor.

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