Become An AirBnB Legend – 5 Must Dos To Make More Money Renting Your Room

How to make more money from renting your room



Follow some Champion Tips from hosting experts who have turned lodgers into a lucrative income stream.


Champion Tip 1: Pictures can speak a thousand words


– Bright and light is right.


– Don’t be camera shy – take lots of photos from different and interesting angles.


– Clear clutter if you want to make a tidy profit.


– Highlight interesting, fun and quirky features, furniture and ornaments.


– Make your room look like a hotel with those extra hotel touches (yes, anything from towels to chocolates).


– Highlight useful added extras – that expresso coffee machine or those luxury bath products…


Champion Tip 2: Make sure your room and house is an internet star


– Turn yourself into a (fair) estate agent. Really sell the advantages – location and area, transport links, neighbourhood, local facilities, things to see and do, restaurants and bars – why you like living where you do.


– Then sell the benefits of the house – the room/s, the facilities, the access, the amenities, what is provided.


– Don’t be afraid to learn from other listings – what captures your imagination, what headlines do others use, how do other hosts appeal to renters?


– Don’t be afraid of detail. Anything you mention could be a great selling point. Think of all the questions you might have if you were renting a property – and try and answer them up front. Is there wi-fi? Is there a parking space? Are there towels, bed linen, cleaning? What is the size of the bed?


– Use powerful heading and bullet points to really get your selling points across and stand out from the crowd.


– Make your property easy to understand and rent.


– Be as comprehensive as possible when adding features and extras to your listing to ensure that you feature as highly as possible when people are searching for a property.


– Good reviews are key. Make sure you are proactive with writing reviews on renters and encourage them to write good reviews.


Champion Tip 3: Make sure the price is right


– Be sensible and realistic, not greedy. Check prices of similar listings in your area to get a sense of what you can charge to keep the bookings coming.


– Be prepared to change the price if you are not getting any success. And be flexible around periods of lower (and of course higher) demand, especially around seasons and local events.


– Compare your price to local hotels so you are competitive.


– Think about offers and deals in quiet periods, or deals for longer-term lodgers.


– Consider introductory offers so that you can start getting some good reviews, and increase prices in the future when you have a solid track record.


Champion Tip 4: Be Engaging


– Respond quickly and enthusiastically to seal the deal (don’t leave renters hanging as they could get a hang up about staying with you). Response time can also be included in some hosting sites profiles.


– Send any handy tips, directions and local guides to help make them feel instantly at home


– Be open, responsive, warm and conversational


– Be as flexible as you can with check-in and check-out and other arrangements


– Let your personality shine through so renters will know they will get a great experience, not just a boring old room.


Champion Tip 5: Go the Extra mile – every little counts…


– Provide extras such as DVDs, music, wi-fi, an iron, hairdryer, washing machine, fruit basket, bottled water…anything that will help a renter feel more like a rockstar…


– But don’t forget the essentials. Make sure you have enough supplies of anything from toiletries to toilet paper.


– Providing a local guide of things to see and do and where to eat and drink can go down wonders.


– And become a real life local guide – the best day out, the best place to enjoy coffee and watch the world go by, have a tasty meal, enjoy a cocktail….


Champion Reminder: Make sure you are clear about your ground rules in any listing. This avoids any confusion or potential bad reviews from guests.


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