Is your career dead? 5 tips to future proof your income if robots threaten your job.

A five-point money survival guide everybody needs to think about

Is your career dead? Did you know that your job is probably heading towards extinction? Find out how to future proof your income – a  five-point money survival guide everybody needs to think about.


Sooner, rather than later, most jobs could be wiped out and we will all need to be paid a basic income from the state to survive, according to the growing noise from influential business leaders, global organizations and activists.


Elon Musk, the outspoken entrepreneur behind the Tesla driverless cars, is the latest high-profile futurist to proclaim that automisation, artificial intelligence and robotics mean that the provision of a universal basic income by the state is the inevitable and ‘reasonable’ way forward. In essence, this could mean a fixed, regular payment to all citizens, no matter whether or not they had a job or how wealthy they were.


Before you throw your hands up in the air and say he is more than a little bit biased given the industry he is in, consider the 2016 World Bank report – which estimated that roughly two-thirds of all jobs in developing nations around the globe are susceptible to replacement by automation.


In other words, it is not just those with unskilled jobs or taxi drivers (driven out of business by driverless cars) that could lose their income. It is most people.


It is not just the obvious roles, such as call centres being replaced by online predictive ‘chat bots’ that are programmed to answer every conceivable question and learn intelligently on the job. The automation revolution means that even our oldest professions are in the firing line.

For example, you are already seeing wealth managers replaced by ‘robo-advisers’. Your Independent Financial Advisor could soon be an algorithm (and for all intense and purposes may be already). Seemingly impregnable and stable careers such as law and accountancy could start to feel the heat if fat fees can be done away with by lean mean machines.


The fact is, so many industries are ripe for disruption and job destruction and radical change in our working lives is inevitable. So if you can’t beat it, how do we join in and embrace the inevitable changes ahead?


Here is your 5-point money survival guide to future-proof your income:


Survival Tip Number 1:


Get ready for the new working economy in which you will probably need to do more than one job to survive. Millions of us are already part of the ‘gig’ economy, where we do short-term freelance work, tasks or projects. This trend is set to grow rapidly. This isn’t just the sharing economy – the Uber’s or the Deliveroo’s of this world – although that is a huge trend. This is also larger companies increasingly looking for an outsourced virtual workforce. You will need to sell yourself, your skills, your track record and your credibility more than ever before to get work.


Survival Tip Number 2:


Flexibility will be the key. Your ability to adjust to having multiple bosses, juggling deadlines, touting for work, reacting quickly to new briefs and working flexible hours could well make the difference between success and failure in the brave new world of work. Keeping a constant eye out for new opportunities as and when they arise will be vital as you could expect to work for hundreds of employers, not a handful.


Survival Tip Number 3:


Make yourself indispensable – not a spare part. Standing out from the crowd and going the extra mile to make a mark will never be more important. Not just for this job or employer, but for your next and next.

Uber, Deliveroo and City Link have already come under the spotlight from part-time workers claiming more rights. But even if the rules are changed, the future is likely to be an uncertain one when it comes to job security and worker’s rights.


So impressing, rather than depressing, your boss could be the secret to more work and recommendations.


Survival Tip Number 4:


To prosper, many of us are going to have to become more entrepreneurial – taking charge of our own destiny, learning and applying new skills, setting up micro-businesses we are passionate about and becoming our own bosses.


Survival Tip Number 5:


Making extra income and exploiting money-making ideas will be crucial. We are already seeing a huge income and standard of living squeeze in the UK. Even if a universal basic income is introduced, most of us will probably need to seek new sources of income and money-making ideas in order to make ends meet. Making the most of anything and everything you own, as well as your skills and talents in your spare time, is already a vital consideration for so many families and will become even more important in the future.


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