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    Make Money From Your Parking Space

    Rent out your parking space and drive your earnings up.   Champion Idea   Rent out your parking space. Commuters, travellers, people attending an event… pay to park in your drive or garage.   Earnometer (out of 4):      Average of £30-£200+ per month Depending on your location.   Key Requirements:...
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    Earn £7,500 Extra Tax-Free Money From Renting Out A Spare Room

    Top tips on turning a room into a cash boom…   Did you know renting out a room has just become a very attractive way to make tax-free money? We tell you how to….   Rent out a room to a lodger for £7,500 tax-free cash. Find part time...
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    Become An AirBnB Legend – 5 Must Dos To Make More Money Renting Your Room

      Follow some Champion Tips from hosting experts who have turned lodgers into a lucrative income stream.   Champion Tip 1: Pictures can speak a thousand words   – Bright and light is right.   – Don’t be camera shy – take lots of photos from different and interesting angles.   –...
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    How Much Can You Earn From Renting a Room?

    How much you can earn will depend on where you live and how attractive the property is to tenants. But the chances are you can make thousands and thousands from renting out a spare room.   Lodger landlords can earn on average £8,000+ a year in London and £6,000+...
  • A photo by Eduard Militaru. unsplash.com/photos/VXiLCpne3cI

    5 Things You Must Do Before You Rent Your Room

    5 rules you have to know before renting out a room.   On the whole, renting out a room can be a very enjoyable experience. You get to meet new friends and make new money.   But…there is always a but…you are letting somebody you don’t know enter your...
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    Rent A Room: Must Read Tax Savings Tips

    How to save tax and maximise your earnings when you rent out a room.   Money Making Champion’s 4 tax-saving tips you should know to make more money from renting a room.   Champion Tip No 1: Follow these important tax free rules   To qualify for up to...
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    5 Secrets To Finding The Lodger Of Your Dreams

    How to maximise the money making potential of your room…   Champion Secret No 1: Become an A-Lister Money Making Champion   List, list, list on as many good room renting sites as possible. Make sure you have a room with a lot of views!   The Money Making...
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    Turn Your House Into A Film Or TV Set

    How to make money from renting out your property as a film set or photo-shoot location.   Lights, camera, action…let’s make some money…   The Champion Idea   Rent your property out for film and photo-shoot locations.   TV, film, media and marketing companies are regularly looking for interesting...
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    Make Money from Spare Storage Space

    Earn money renting out your loft, basement, garage, attic, shed…store to score some extra money.   The Champion Idea    Get paid for your unused storage space. Store other people’s possessions. Earn by renting out your loft, basement, garage, attic, spare room, cupboard, workshop, sheds, office…even space under the bed…   Earnometer...


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