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    The Secrets of Angel Investing Revealed

    Angel investment and equity crowd-funding is booming, thanks to incredibly generous tax breaks, people struggling to find decent returns for their savings and, dare I say it, the ‘glamour’ of TV programmes like Dragon’s Den.   Take the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme as an example. It offers income tax...
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    The Money Making Champion Budget Verdict: Save Our Entrepreneurs From This Stupidity

    IMPORTANT ARTICLE UPDATE: Hurrah! After this article was written and after a public and political outcry the Chancellor and Government has seen sense and scrapped the idiotic plans to increase National Insurance for the self employed. As explained below hard working entrepreneurs and the self employed need more help and encouragement...
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    Sharing and Caring – How To Earn Thousands Of Pounds A Month From Sharing The Things You Own

    Share your house, spare room, loft, cellar, driveway, possessions…you name it – you can probably make money from it.   Why should you care about sharing? The answer is simple. You could be earning thousands of pounds a month by sharing, letting or renting your possessions and assets.  ...
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    Top Tips On How To Find And Grow A Successful Franchise

    From pizza to pets, from restaurants to running kids parties…You name it. There is probably a franchise for it.   There are thousands of opportunities to be your own boss and take on a franchise.   Champion Idea   Investing in a franchise is a good way to be your own...
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    11 Ways To Make Quick Money

    With household budgets under pressure here are 11 Money Making Champion ideas to help your finances.   Champion Idea Number 1: Online Opportunities   There are plenty of ways to Earn More Money Online. Find surveys, market research, mystery shopping, tasks and other ways of making money. Helping businesses to...
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    7 Outrageous Money Rip-Offs, Wrongs and Injustices We Have to Right in 2017

    7 outrageous money rip-offs, wrongs and injustices we have to right in 2017   Doesn’t it make your blood boil when you feel like you are getting conned by companies piling on extra fees and charges?   Do you think there must be better ways we can raise more...
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    5 Ways to Make Money From A Falling Pound

    The value of the pound has tumbled to historic lows since the UK’s Brexit vote. Here are 5 money making ways you can take advantage:   Champion Idea No 1: Let’s get going   When the value of the pound falls, travelling to the UK gets cheaper for tourists and visitors. Think about letting your...
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    How to Make Money Doing Something You Love

    Do you dream of doing something you love and making money from it? Here are some top tips on how to make that dream into a reality.   Micro-businesses – small businesses run by sole traders or with a handful of employees – are the lifeblood of an entrepreneurial...
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    7 Ways To Make Money Selling Your Old Things or Unwanted Christmas Presents

    Selling things you own, but no longer need, is a quick and easy way to make some extra cash.   Here are seven ideas to get real value from your valuables.   Champion Tip No 1: Sell anything. Make the most of Facebook, eBay and others…   Check out our top tips on how to...


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