Childminding – How to Make A Living Looking After Kids

Looking after children can grow your income...
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How to earn money childminding – our top tips to get started.


The Champion Idea


Looking after, nurturing and supporting other people’s children in your home whilst the parents are at work.


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 Average: £3 to £6 per hour per child.


This depends on your location, experience, track record, number of children in your care and how long they spend with you.


Key Requirements


  • A love of children and ideally experience of looking after your own or others.

  • You should get a clean DRB (criminal record) certificate.

  • You need to register with, and be inspected by, Ofsted if you want to look after children under 8 for more than two hours a day.

  • Good references and educational qualifications or achievements are an advantage.

  • You need to have a comfortable and safe home and be able to provide appropriate meals, equipment and entertainment to keep the little ones happy, healthy and engaged. Your home needs to be ‘kid proofed’.

  • You will also have to be prepared to make up bottles, change nappies, put up with a fair amount of tidying up and cope with the thrills and spills of looking after young children (as well as managing parental demands).

  • Tolerance, passion, enthusiasm and creativity are needed in spades.

  • You need to be over 18 to be a childminder, as opposed to a baby sitter.


Champion Tips


    • You can look after more than one child to grow your income (the current rules are up to 3 under 5s and up to three 5-8 year olds).

    • Market yourself to your neighbourhood, contacts, networks, friends and family, schools and parent and child groups to get introductions and referrals – both off line and online (through social media).

    • Build up a list of strong testimonials, references and referrals to attract new clients.

    • Contact your local council or providers of local childminder training courses for more information on how to get started and how to become a successful childminder. Child care diplomas and other education qualifications are also available.

    • Think about important extras such as childminder insurance and first aid courses and certificates to give yourself, and parents, extra peace of mind.

    • You need to register as self employed with HMRC – the tax man, and can offset allowed expenses against your income. Remember to keep a close account of income and expenses.

    •  If you are a parent think about becoming a doula – usually mothers who are hired to assist pregnant women or new mothers.


Champion Links


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