Going Freelance – Top Tips To Start Making Money For Yourself

Fed up with work? Find Out How To Start Out On Your Own.

How to make money by freelancing.


Freelancing can give you a new sense of money making freedom.


The Champion Idea


Use your time and skills when you want, how you want, to make money.


Freeing yourself from the corporate rate race can be liberating. But of course there is a catch. How do you find enough work to keep you going?


One useful option is to use freelance sites and online market places to find new work.


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This entirely depends on your skills, time and nature of the jobs posted. Freelancers can earn anything from £5-£50 for a quick job, right up to £10,000+ for bigger projects and longer term work. 


Key Requirements


  •  A lot depends on the field you are in and work you can do, but in a nutshell flexibility, passion, drive and creativity are always important.

  • Valuable and sought after skills and experience are a great advantage.


Champion Tips


    • Focus on what you are good at. There are a bamboozling range of freelance market places out there these days but most of them tend to specialise in certain types of jobs or industries. Check out current listings on each site. Are they the sort of jobs that are right for you and your skills?

    • Reputation and credibility are key. A lot of the larger freelancing sites have a lot of paying clients, but also have a huge freelance audience. You may be competing with workers from far flung corners of the world and they may well be willing to go low when it comes to pricing their services. So try and do everything you can to stand out. Testimonials, links to previous work and an emphasis on quality and things that make you stand out from the pack are very important.

    • Remember reviews from happy employers and customers are the key currency in the freelancing world. Acquire as much currency as you can. If you are just starting out, get some experience by trying a few jobs and getting some good ratings.

    • Persistence can pay off. You may need to search high and low for the right jobs but there are some golden nuggets out there.

    • Once you have found a good client hold on to them tight. Chances are they could offer you regular work, or put you in touch directly with people who could.

    • Depending on the amount of money you earn you need to consider how much tax you can pay and the sort of working expenses you can claim. The HMRC’s (the tax man’s) overview on working for yourself can be found here.

    • Also see our Champion Guide to Tax and Tax Breaks.

    • Social media and your online profile and blogs can help spread the word about your skills and achievements and add to your credibility and kudos.

    • Think about acquiring new skills to open up more freelancing opportunities. Its never too late to learn and earn.

    • Researching your market and planning and setting key goals you want and need to achieve are an important part of exploring any money making opportunity.


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…plus many more freelancer market places and sector specific sites and services.


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