Good Skills – How To Use Your Talents To Make Money

Use your expertise to make extra cash

Britain has got talent. And the good news is that you don’t have to appear on an ITV talent show with Ant and Dec to make money from it (thank heavens for that).


Whoever you are and wherever you are, the chances are your very own individual talents can be put to good use to make more money. From earning a bit of extra income to a full time business – you have earning potential.


Yes you, us, everyone – has something they shine at. So let’s not be all shy, coy and British about it. Let’s get out there, shed a light on ourselves and make our own individual talents and skills pay.


Our mission at Money Making Champion is to do all we can to help you do just that.


Our Skills section is packed full of ideas and tips on how to turn your prowess into pounds, your expertise into extra cash.


We already have loads of ideas, handy tips, and key links to help you get started. Here are just a few of the latest ideas:



Education, Education, Education – Make money from being a tutor.


The Great British Bake Off – Make extra bread from baking.


Animal magic – make money dog walking and pet sitting.


Focus – and you can make money by taking pictures.


The art of making money from crafts.


Good with kids – making money from babysitting and childminding could be child’s play.


Organised and efficient – becoming a virtual personal assistant could help you earn more money.



Champion Tips:


1. Have different skills and interests? Each week we add more ideas, tips and guides on how you can make money from your own talents.


2. Share your feedback and ideas with our fast growing community…send us your comments to any of our ideas…we love to hear from you…


3. ….and never miss a money making opportunity – sign up to our weekly newsletter….


Together we can all be Money Making Champions!

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