How To Earn Extra Money Modelling

Show some model money making behaviour...

Our top tips on how to make money modelling.


Whatever you look like – you, your family, and even your pet can earn a model income.


Champion Idea No 1: Pick up an agent


You don’t have to be Naomi Campbell or Brad Pitt to become a model.


Everything and anything from pregnant women, hair modelling, weird and wonderful character modelling, plus-size modelling, mature modelling – you name it – opportunities exist for all shapes, sizes and looks.


The best thing to do is some good research into the agencies that are applicable for you.


The Association of Model Agents is a good starting point as it details registered agencies. Alba Model provides modelling advice.


Champion Warning: There are a lot of dodgy modelling agencies and companies around, or scouts that pretend to represent reputable agencies. Don’t pay anything up front to agencies, and always check them out in detail in advance. If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. And if you are approached by a ‘model agency scout’ always contact the agency directly to check out their credentials and motives.


Champion Idea No 2: Become a life model


If you are not bashful about taking your clothes off then life modelling can be a fun way to earn a bit of cash for a couple of hours work. Normally you can earn £10-20 an hour. Local colleges or art schools are a good place to start if you want to bring this money making opportunity to life, as is Ram, the register of artists’ models.


Champion Idea No 3:  Keep it in the family with child modelling


Child models can earn up to £300-350 a day. If your child is in demand he or she could swell the family’s coffers by thousands a year.


There are plenty of child agencies around, but ask friends, colleagues or your network for recommendations or contact magazines, advertising agencies, catalogues or the PR department of big brands to find out who they use or recommend.


Like all agencies check the terms and conditions on when and how you get paid, the commission they take, any expenses you will receive and how they will promote your child.


Try and avoid agencies that charge or pile on extra expenses such as professional shots. Try and provide your own clear and well lit photo.


And once you have developed a strong track record and portfolio, make sure you use this to get more jobs.


See Junior’s list of 10 of the best child model agencies.


Remember you will need to chaperone your children and get them from appointment to appointment – so factor in your time. And it really helps if your child has a sociable outlook – with an uncanny ability to act and smile on demand!


Champion Idea No 4: Become a Hand or Foot model


If you are camera shy, hand or foot modelling could be a good alternative with agencies like Body London or BMA Models.


Champion Idea No 5: Pet Modelling


Yes pets are also needed for photoshoots, commercials, videos, events and even the theatre – through agencies such as Pet London Models. and Animal Direction.


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