Earn £7,500 Extra Tax-Free Money From Renting Out A Spare Room

How to make more money renting out your room - home is where the money is...
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Top tips on turning a room into a cash boom…


Did you know renting out a room has just become a very attractive way to make tax-free money? We tell you how to….


  • Rent out a room to a lodger for £7,500 tax-free cash.

  • Find part time renters – your flexible friends to make more money.

  • Cash in on short term renters for some money making gains.

  • Let a student stay – and pay.

  • Cash in – earn hundreds or thousands of pounds more by becoming a Champion host


…you can earn significant extra income right now….


Money Making Champion’s money making secrets revealed – we give you crucial tips to help you home in on all that extra cash…


Find out How Much Can You Earn from renting a room – the results will surprise you


4 tax-saving tips you have to know to make more money from renting a room


Money Champion’s 5 must-see secrets to find the lodger of your dreams


Become an AirBnB legend – 5 Must Dos to Make More Money From Renting a Room 


Don’t forget these 5 key tips before you rent your room

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