How To Make Money As An Avon Lady, Selling Body Shop Cosmetics, Ann Summers And More…

Make money in your spare time from direct selling...

Top tips on making money as an Avon Lady (or man) and much more…


Yes it’s Avon calling – and much more. Lots of companies are looking for people to market their products and sell their wares directly to people they know or can get to know.


The Champion Idea


You can become a representative for any number of companies – covering all kinds of goods and interests.

You receive a range of samples of their products and then arrange a party for friends, friends of friends, colleagues, neighbours, family or your wider network to demonstrate these – normally throwing in some drink and nibbles to get things moving. Some direct selling services also now provide customisable websites and other means of direct selling.

If the people you introduce to the products place orders, you get a commission.


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Normally around 20%-25% commission on the products you sell, but it can rise to 60% for some products.


What you end up earning will depend on the time and effort you can devote to it and ultimately how good you are at convincing others to part with their cash.

As a host you may also get some products free or a discount on orders you place yourself. 


Key requirements


  • You don’t need to be a sales expert – but a good network of friends and contacts and a bubbly and fun personality really help.

  • You can choose when and where you host a party and the hours you work.

  • Selling is not easy – so you need perseverance and the ability to keep smiling through any knock backs.


Some Of The Most Established Direct Selling Companies


Avon – become an Avon Lady (or man) selling anything from make up to jewellery. There is a joining fee which is charged after your first order. The company provides an online store and brochures.


Ann Summers – not for the coy and bashful – but selling sex toys and lingerie can earn enough money to make you blush. You pay upfront for a starter kit and discounted training.


Body Shop – The Body Shop at Home service is based on selling the store’s beauty products – and styled as ‘me-time shopping and pampering’ – where you pay for an initial Pamper Kit.


Champion Tips


    • Choose a product you like, use and would work well with the people you know. If you are passionate and enthusiastic this increases your chances of making a success.

    • Check out the Direct Selling Association (DSA) – the trade body for UK Direct Selling. Make sure the company you are selling for is authorised by the DSA.

    • Make sure you get a proper contract and review the terms and conditions carefully to understand exactly what you will get paid and by when, and what you can return. You should also find out what training is on offer to help you become a success.

    • You will probably need to make a small investment to get started – but don’t get conned into forking out a large amount upfront. Research direct selling companies before you commit and also find out what happens if you decide to leave the organisation.

    • If you want to make regular income you will need to focus on products where you can get repeat orders from your client base. Getting referrals from your network will also be key.

    • Income will be taxable if you exceed your total personal annual tax allowance. You will need to register with HMRC (the tax man) if you are self employed.

    • Keep records of revenues you earn and expenses you incur (as you can offset these against tax). For more information on tax and expenses see our tax blog.


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