Make Money From Books – How to Cash In

Read about how to make money from your old books...

How to make money from selling your old books.


The Champion Idea


Book in some more money by selling your old books.


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If you have enough books you could raise hundreds of pounds.


A lot depends on the condition, the rarity value of the books and the number of books you have.


Key Requirements


  • Books generally need to be in good condition and you need to be open minded about how much you can get for them, as it’s a competitive market with a lot of readers using e-books instead.


Champion Tips


    • You can choose to list books on a mega-market place like Amazon or one of the more specialist book selling services like We Buy Books, Momox or Ziffit. Compare prices before you list.

    • Consider the costs. On Amazon if you are a professional seller you need to pay a monthly fee of £25, otherwise its a 75p listing price plus a 15% commission. Find the latest fees here.

    • On Amazon many people play the 1p trick – listing a book for 1p, making it look super attractive to buyers, and then making money on the £2.80 postage cost.  But you need to be very careful you can make a profit doing this, given Amazon’s fees. Unfortunately as a lot of people list books for nominal sums it can be difficult to get sales for books that are priced higher – so do your research and check the competitors.

    • eBay can be a good bet – but sales may take longer and take time to set-up.


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