How To Make Money From Facebook Marketplace

5 things you need to know about the launch of Facebook Marketplace

Make money on Facebook Marketplace by selling anything from clothes, toys, furniture, mobile phones…and more…


Facebook now allows users to buy and sell things to others in their local area using Facebook Marketplace – creating an instant rival to eBay and listings site Gumtree.


Facebook users can now declutter and sell anything from the weird to the wonderful online – and the good news is there are currently no fees.


Facebook set up the service after it noticed hundreds of millions of people were using Facebook Groups to buy and sell.


Here are 5 important things you need to know about Facebook Marketplace.


Champion Point No 1: Think about what sells best


Facebook could be a better place for goods that are difficult to move and that people can come and collect, or cheaper or popular goods. eBay could be better for more expensive or unusual items.


Champion Point No 2: Good for quick sales


Facebook can be a good way of selling goods relatively quickly and easily – especially as there are no fees.


And if you can, try and get paid in cash – as it’s easier and less expensive that PayPal – see Champion Important Point 5 below.


Champion Point No 3: It’s easy to get started


Take a good photo of your item, enter the product name, description, price, category and location – then post.


As with eBay the stronger the picture and product name the better chance you have of a sale.


NB: You can still use Facebook Groups, but it’s likely Marketplace will usurp these over time.


Champion Point No 4: Get the price right 


Check sites like eBay to suss out the right price (remember to check the price of goods actually sold not just the ones currently up for sale).


Champion Point No 5: Be careful  


Facebook Marketplace is in effect an introduction service. Once the buyer and seller are in touch it’s up to them to sort out the details and there is no secure payment facility or star ratings system to give traders a level of comfort.


This means buyers and sellers may need to meet up, or use PayPal.


Remember people can see your posts so be careful at giving out your exact address before you finalise a sale. Also check the buyer’s Facebook profile. If you have any concerns don’t go ahead with the deal and re-post it later.


Got things to sell? Also check out our guide and top tips to becoming an eBay hero.


Champion Top Tip: Find out how to earn Tax Free Money.

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