How to Make Money From Mystery Shopping – Top Secrets Revealed

Shop till you drop...some extra money

How to make money from mystery shopping.


Find out how mystery shopping is not such a mysterious way to make cash


The Champion Idea


Get employed by a mystery shopping company. Go undercover, go shopping at your designated location and report back on your experience. OK – so it’s not James Bond – but it is big business with an estimated 50,000+ mystery shopping trips carried out each month for some of the biggest brands in the UK.


Earnometer (out of 4):  championtipsred-1 championtipsred-1


Average: From small tasks up to £150+ per day 

Depending on the time commitment and locations.


Key Requirements


  • The ability to travel – you may be sent to a variety of retail locations so a car is usually a must.

  • Flexibility to take on new assignments – as and when they appear.

  • You need to keep your cool to carry out your assignment and follow the brief the client wants.

  • You may need to write up a detailed report afterwards so solid communication and writing skills are an advantage.


Champion Tips


  • Earn more as a video mystery shopper with a hidden camera planted on you or your bag.

  • See what perks and expenses are on offer. Mystery Shoppers can be paid petrol, travel, hotel accommodation and compensated for car depreciation. You may even be able to keep the products you are given money to buy.

  • You may need to register with a lot of mystery shopping companies. This has turned into a competitive way to make money. This has meant it is harder to get regular jobs from one company and some mystery shopping providers have reduced fees or rewards.

  • Watch out for scams. Never pay a fee to become a mystery shopper. A genuine company would never ask you to do this.

  • Look out for the latest smart phone apps that pay you for particular tasks such as market research, price and stock checking – including Field Agent, Roamler, Street Spotr, Click and Walk, Yoobic (see the Champion Links below).


Champion Links 


Mystery Shopping sites:




Mystery Shoppers 

UK Mystery Shopper

Field Agent 


Street Spotr


Clic and Walk


Some other useful websites:


Mystery Shopping Providers Association 

The Mystery Dining Company – write a review for  your free supper.



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