Latest News You Need To Know About: Tax Warning, Savings Rates, Car Tax Hikes, Are You Due a Pay Rise, Is Buy to Let dead?

News that can make a big impact on your income

Here is a round up of some of the latest news that could make a material difference to your finances.


Shopping around for savings rates and not just accepting the rate your existing bank gives you is more important than ever. Savers can double their rate by switching to a new bank or building society when their fixed bonds mature according to research by the Mail.


This is Money points out that National Savings is paying some of the best interest rates as the Government backed firm seeks to attract savers. And there are still some current account deals that could beat rising inflation.


See our Money Making Champion article on 5 ways to earn more from your savings.


The deadline to submit online tax returns – 31st January 2017 – is, as we write, looming. Don’t be late or risk a fine. And be careful – reports suggest the tax man is watching those extra earnings you might be pocketing very carefully – so remember to read Money Making Champion’s guide on how to earn £27,000+ a year tax free.


Is residential property Buy-to-Let dead? Some landlords certainly think so and are turning to shops, offices and restaurants instead according to The Telegraph.


Meanwhile car owners could be hundreds or thousands of pounds worse off because of new car tax rules due to come into force in April 2017.


But don’t despair. Maybe you are overdue a pay rise. The papers have been full of stories about the jobs with the biggest pay rises. How does your salary compare?







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