How to Make Money Product Testing

Testing your reviewing skills - for cash and rewards...

How to make money and get freebies from product testing.


The Champion Idea


Test, check and even taste products for businesses – from electrical goods to clothes to chocolate to beauty products.


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Product testing companies can reward you with cash or goods or both for your reviews and for spreading the word about products you like.


Key Requirements

  • You need to fit the criteria the company is looking for – including demographics, sex and age. Check carefully that you fit the bill for a particular testing task.

  • Some companies send you goods to try and you give them feedback. Others want you to review a product and then share it with your social network and friends and family. Others will want you to visit a testing facility to undertake controlled research. Understand what you need to do and if you are up for it before you get started.


Champion Tips


    • Often product testing opportunities go very quickly – so you need to be alert to the opportunities and check regularly.

    • Check more than one site to see what is on offer and when.

    • There are a lot of dodgy product testing sites around that seek to gain your personal information to scam you. Be careful. Check online ratings and forums and do a bit of online research before you sign up.

    • Consider using a temporary or alternative email address to avoid being deluged by a lot of marketing e-mails and offers.

    • Be prepared to do a number of online surveys and provide online market research before some sites send you physical products to review.


Champion Links


Product testing sites:



Alba Science

Pinecone Research

Tesco Home Panels

Tasting Food 

Clicks Research

Focus Groups UK

Take Part in Research


Services specialising in sampling products and then spreading the word:



Super Savvy Me


Your Time
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