Top Tips To Earning Money As A Tutor

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How to make money as a tutor – teach yourself to earn more.


The Champion Idea


Students learn, you earn – make money from teaching anything from school children that need support with GCSEs and A-Levels to degrees, languages and beyond.


Tutoring students is a big multi-billion pound money making machine nowadays. For example it is estimated 1 in 4 – yes 1 in 4 – UK school children now use private tutors.


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Average of £10-£30+ per hour. 


Depending on your qualifications, location and track record.


Key Requirements


  • A good specialist knowledge in a subject or subjects – from Maths to Music from English to French…whatever you are good at you can teach.

  • A friendly, patient, enthusiastic, personable attitude and a good communicator.

  • Educational qualifications are not a must but the more you have, the more you can earn.

  • Again a DBS check (criminal record check) is not a must but can help you win work. You can apply through an employer, recruiter, agency or other recognised body.

  • Think about insurance such as a Public Liability Insurance or a Professional Indemnity policy.


Champion Tips


  • Market, market, market yourself – don’t be shy – make any qualifications, experience, skills, knowledge – really stand out. There is money to be made but its a competitive industry.

  • Research as many local tutoring agencies in your area – and apply to a number of them as it can take a bit of time to get a job.

  • Market to local schools, educational establishments, friends, family and your wider network.

  • Join an organisation that teaches groups of students after school or during the holidays.

  • Try online tutoring from your own home.

  • Research and apply to local language schools if you have language skills and qualifications.


Champion Links


My Tutor – Online tutoring

The Tutor Website – post an advert for £25 a year

Tute – qualified teachers can earn extra money

Bright Young Things – one of many agencies


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