The Money Making Champion Budget Verdict: Save Our Entrepreneurs From This Stupidity

A misguided Budget that will back-fire on the Government and the economy

IMPORTANT ARTICLE UPDATE: Hurrah! After this article was written and after a public and political outcry the Chancellor and Government has seen sense and scrapped the idiotic plans to increase National Insurance for the self employed. As explained below hard working entrepreneurs and the self employed need more help and encouragement – not less – if our economy is to grow and flourish!


At Money Making Champion we believe in giving anybody and everybody the right and the opportunity to make more money by working hard and using skills, talents and time to their full advantage.


In an age of austerity and stagnating wages we believe a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ ethos is to be roundly applauded and encouraged – whether it’s to make a bit of extra money or to earn a full and sustainable income from our own efforts.


So Philip Hammond’s first UK Budget is disappointing, misguided and quite frankly a kick in the teeth to the millions of hard working self-employed people up and down the country.


The UK is increasingly a nation of entrepreneurial self-employed workers.


We go it alone and take a risk. We often have to take on a variety of flexible jobs and roles to make ends meet. We fight hard to earn new work and income. We don’t get holiday pay, sick pay, workplace pensions, childcare or other employee benefits and perks (that can be worth thousands of pounds a year).


In an uncertain, post-Brexit world, our ingenuity, creativity, productivity and extra effort are surely the best hope for a sustainable and prosperous future for the UK on the world stage.


We are not talking about tax dodging employees – who use self employed status to avoid paying the state. These sort of issues and abuses can be solved by tighter, and more specific rules and regulations.


No – we are talking about entrepreneurs who are the future life blood of our economy. Who should be cherished, nurtured and encouraged, not penalised and put-off.


We need more entrepreneurs, risk takers and go it alone heroes and heroines – not fewer.


Making money for yourself has just became harder thanks to a broken Tory promise.


But there is hope. We still believe, despite this stupid setback, that the boom in Money Making Champions across the UK will persevere and flourish.


This is where true entrepreneurs come out fighting.


We can succeed. We can jump the hurdles in front of us. But it would be so much better for the UK’s future if the Government provided a fair and level playing field so we can get there quicker and bring benefits to all.


Andy Yates – Money Making Champion



Read our article on how the Budget will impact on your finances HERE.

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