Sharing and Caring – How To Earn Thousands Of Pounds A Month From Sharing The Things You Own

Make money today from the booming sharing economy

Share your house, spare room, loft, cellar, driveway, possessions…you name it – you can probably make money from it.


Why should you care about sharing? The answer is simple. You could be earning thousands of pounds a month by sharing, letting or renting your possessions and assets.


Sharing could transform your finances this year. So here are Money Making Champion’s top tips to share in that extra cash.


Sharing Top Tip 1. Share your spare room


Earn £7,500 Extra Tax-Free Money From Renting Out A Spare Room. Our comprehensive guide reveals the money making secrets – including crucial tips to help you home in on all that extra cash.


Sharing Top Tip 2: Share your possessions


From cots to clothing, from bikes to barbecues, from DIY tools to lawnmowers and leaf blowers…rent out the things you are not using to people who need them. Find out more here.


Sharing Top Tip 3: Share your driveway


Rent out your parking space. Commuters, travellers, people attending an event…can pay you to park in your drive or garage. You can earn an average of £30-£200+ per month depending on your location.


Sharing Top Tip 4: Share your storage space


Get paid for your unused storage space. Store other people’s possessions. Earn by renting out your loft, basement, garage, attic, spare room, cupboard, workshop, sheds, office…even space under the bed…


There are a growing number of sites like Stashbee and Storemates trying to become the AirBnB of storage.


Sharing Top Tip 5: Share your car


There are a growing number of services that let you hire your car out to other people.


Hiya Car is a peer to peer car hire service – it says you can rent out your car to local people and earn weekly rates of up to £650 whenever you’re not using it. Easy Car Club says successful car owners can earn more than £3,000 a year.


There are also car sharing sites like BlaBlaCarLift Share and Go Car Share.


Sharing Top Tip 6: Share your front room


With the number of start-ups and freelancers continuing to boom in the UK there is a growing demand for flexible work space.


Sites like Spacehop allow you to earn money by sharing your space with freelancers and other workers.


Sharing Top Tip 7 – Share your kitchen


Try renting out your kitchen for caterers, bakers or cooks looking for the right space at sites like the aptly named Kitchen to Rent.


Or you can even earn extra money by hosting cooking and food ‘experiences’ at Viz Eat


Tip 8: Share your garden


Rent out your garden as a camping space at sites like Camp In My Garden or AirBnB.


Tip 9:  Share your address


The huge growth in internet shopping means millions of extra parcels arriving at our door steps – which can be a real pain to collect if people are at work.


But delivery services like the Doddle Neighbour scheme means you can get extra money for collecting and storing parcels for neighbours.


Tip 10: Share your house


Rent your property out for film and photo-shoot locations. TV, film, media and marketing companies are regularly looking for interesting new locations to capture that perfect shot.


Or try pet sitting – and share your house with other people’s pets.


….and our final tip…find out how you can make tax free income from sharing.


Remember the sharing economy is booming and is a great money spinner. It’s already worth £9bn, estimates consultancy PwC and this could rise to a whopping £230bn by 2025.


So don’t delay – get sharing today!

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