6 Ways To Make Money From Surveys and Reviews

Your Opinion Matters

How to make money from surveys, reviews and research.


Are your opinions worth knowing? They could well be.


We all have views about something – politics, TV programmes, the best and worst brands and supermarket products…but did you know you can make money from them?


That is not just our opinion – thousands are earning money already. Here are some top tips to get started.


Champion Tip No 1: Earn some extra cash or vouchers from answering surveys from home


Sites such as Swagbucksi-Say,  Mint Vine, Opinion OutpostMy Survey and Panelbase pay to take surveys on anything from toothpaste to toilet paper, from washing powder to websites.


Remember: There are a plethora of survey sites out there so choose carefully. Don’t use your main e-mail address as you could get a lot of spam and don’t pay money to join.


Champion Tip No 2: Get paid to watch the TV


TheViewers.co.uk rewards you for giving feedback on what you watch. Or earn money for watching videos at Maximiles.


Champion Tip No 3: Review products


Assess and review products and services for money with sites like Ciao.co.uk.


Champion Tip No 4: Cue the music


Sites like Slicethepie reward you for listening to, and reviewing, music.


Champion Tip No 5: Focus on focus groups


Get involved in some more detailed market research on a chosen subject, product or service – including everything from visiting a designated address to giving feedback via your phone.


The catch: Market research companies limit the number of research assignments you can do a year.


Sites include Saros , Focus 4 PeopleResearch Opinions  and Focus Force.


Champion Tip No 6: Weigh up new websites


Give you view on company’s websites through sites like What Users Do and User Testing.


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