12 ways to make quick money for the New Year

Have a Money Making Christmas and Happy New Year

How to make some extra money to help with the New Year budget.


It’s an expensive time of the year for everybody. So here are 12 Money Making Champion ideas to help your finances.


Champion Idea Number 1: Online Opportunities


There are plenty of ways to Earn More Money Online. Find surveys, market research, mystery shopping, tasks and other ways of making money. Helping businesses to do their research can help your bank balance.


Champion Idea Number 2: Tasked with Money Making


See if there are any odd jobs and tasks you can help with in your local area.


Champion Idea Number 3: Animal Attraction


Try some animal magic – make money dog walking and pet sitting.


Champion Idea Number 4:  Sell, Sell, Sell…


Get top tips on how to make more money selling your things – from your mobile phone, to books to CDs.


Find a car boot sale and look at our other top selling tips and tricks.


Champion Idea Number 5:  Rent, rent, rent


….or if you don’t want to sell try renting your things out…


Champion Idea No 6: Make money whilst you are Christmas or New Year shopping


Sites like Top Cashback and Quidco offer cash back on purchases.


Earn while you search the internet with Qmee via an add-on to your browser.


While smart phone app Qustodian pays you to read adverts, view messages, answer questions or watch videos.


Champion Idea Number 7: Become a making or baking entrepreneur


Try new ideas such as arts and crafts or baking


Or think about other ways to make money doing something you love.


Champion Idea Number 8:  Think of the Children


Read our top tips on becoming a childminder and how to earn money from babysitting.


Champion Idea No 9: Accelerate Your Earnings


Find 7 ways to drive away with more cash from your car.


Champion Idea Number 10:  Space Out


Home in on more money. Storage spaceyour parking space or a film set location  – all potential money makers.


Champion Idea No 11: Make Money from your Spare Room


Rent a Room or Take in a Foreign Student to earn thousands tax free.


Champion Idea No 12: Make Money From Us


….and remember to enter our free and easy-to-enter competition



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